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Karol Fajardo Mariño

Ms. Karol Fajardo Mariño

Director of the District Tourism Institute of Bogotá, Colombia.


Nagore Espinosa

Dr. Nagore Espinosa

CEO of IN2destinationresearch and consultancy in tourism firm and Lecturer at the University of Deusto, Spain.

Natalia Bayona

Ms. Natalia Bayona

Director of the Innovation, Education and Investments Department of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)




Sr. Ricardo Galindo Bueno

Mr. Ricardo Galindo Bueno.

Vice Minister of Tourism, Colombia




Dra. Inmaculada Gallego

Dr. Inmaculada Gallego

Head of the Statistics and Market Research Area for the regional Government of Andalucía, Spain

Ana Moniche

Ms. Ana Moniche Bermejo

Senior Officer of the Statistics and Market Research Area for the regional Government of Andalucía, Spain.

Antonio Massieu

Mr. Antonio Massieu

Chair of INRouTe - International Network on Regional Economics, Mobility and Tourism, Spain.

Cristina Múgica Vargas

Ms. Cristina Múgica Vargas

General Director of Territorial Competitiveness and Tourism, Department of Economic Promotion, Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Spain.

Raúl Amestoy

Mr. Raúl Amestoy

Deputy Director of the Hotel Gran Bilbao, Spain.

Ulrike Gretzel

Dr. Ulrike Gretzel

Senior Fellow at the Center for Public Relations at University of Southern California, USA.

Steve Macfeely

Dr. Steve Macfeely

Director of Data and Analytics at the World Health Organization - WHO.

Sira Puig

Ms. Sira Puig

Sitges Tourism Director - Sitges City Council, Spain

Harold Rivas

Mr. Harold Rivas

Director of the SITUR of Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

Belén González Olmos

Ms. Belén González Olmos

General Deputy Director of Tourism Statistics and Science and Technology, National Institute of Statistics, Spain.

Daniel Steel

Mr. Daniel Steel

CEO at Ayrshire & Arran Destination Alliance - AADA, Scotland

Lyublena Dimova

Ms. Lyublena Dimova

Research Manager, European Travel Commission (ETC), Belgium

Ledys Vianey López Zapata

Dr. Ledys Vianey López Zapata

Undersecretary of Tourism of Secretary of Economic Development of Medellín, Colombia

Carlos Mercado

Mr. Carlos Mercado Santiago

Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, USA

Dr. Donna J. Keren

Executive Vice President, Research & Insights, NYC & Company, USA.

Ms. Lady Janeth Giraldo Ortiz

International Consultant in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Competitiveness and Exponential Business Models. Colombia.

Dr. Hazael Ceron Monroy

Research Coordinator. Faculty of Tourism and Gastronomy, Universidad Anáhuac, Mexico

Sr. Calvin Jones

Deputy Dean for Public Value and External Relations, Cardiff Business School. United Kingdom.

Mr. Oscar Javier Siza Moreno

Director of Sector Analysis and Promotion, Vice Ministry of Tourism, Colombia.

Ms. María Fernanda García Álvarez.

Manager of Competitiveness and Tourism Regulation. General Directorate of Tourism Development. Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mr. Tim Fairhurst

Secretary General at European Tourism Association - ETOA, England

Mr. Patrick Torrent

Executive Director of the Catalan Tourism Board, Spain

Ms. María del Pilar Rubio López

Secretary of Economic Development and Tourism of the Municipality of Melgar, Colombia

Mr. José Andrés Duarte García

Executive President of the Hotel and Tourism Association of Colombia - COTELCO

Ms. Silvina Di Giano

Tourist Research Manager of the General Directorate of Market Research and Observatory of the Tourism Board of the City of Buenos Aires. Argentina

Dr. Luz Fernanda Jiménez Segura

Vice-rector for Research. University Antioquia, Colombia

Mr. Ivor Ambrose

Managing Director of European Network for Accessible Tourism -ENAT, Belgium.

Ms. Laura Taroncher

Researcher of IN2destination research and consultancy firm, Spain.

Dr. Raúl Hernández Martín

Director of the ULL Ashotel Cajacanarias Chair of Tourism, La Laguna University, Spain.

Ms. Diana Margarita Pérez

Rector of the CAFAM University Foundation, Colombia.

Mr. Kepa Aramburu

Consultant Partner, Movatur Institute. Spain.

Ms. Gloria Isabel Gómez Escobar

General manager at Douglas Trade S.A.S, Colombia

Ms. Clara Van der Pol

Department Coordinator Statistics, United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)