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Ms. Belén González Olmos


Belén González Olmos, Graduate in Economics from the Autonomous University of Madrid, since 2017. Currently, she is Deputy director general of Tourism Statistics and Science and Technology at the National Institute of Statistics of Spain. She is responsible for the Tourism surveys and the Science and Technology surveys conducted at the National Institute of Statistics. She is also responsible for the development of new experimental statistics on tourism, among them or including: 


- Measuring Domestic and Inbound Tourism from Mobile Phones


- Measurement of the number of tourist dwellings in Spain and their capacity. Web scraping techniques and housing de-duplication algorithm.


- Distribution of expenditure by foreign visitors on their visits to Spain by autonomous community of actual destination and country of residence according to credit cards


She also represents National Institute of Statistics of Spain in international organisations, participating in the drafting and preparation of community regulations, manuals, and in the definition of indicators. She also supports teaching activities of national and international organisations in the fields of Tourism, Science and Technology, Information Societies, Big Data, and new sources of information.