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Why come to Bogotá for MOVE 2021?


In Bogotá we work for a caring, inclusive and sustainable city. For this reason, the natural wealth of the city becomes the best scenario to enjoy the landscapes, gastronomy and history, which can be experienced through:


1. Adventure tourism


2. Nature tourism


3. Gastronomy tourism


4. MICE Business Tourism


Bogotá has everything to make you fall in love with it. From the moment you arrive, its mountains welcome you, inviting you to discover its waterfalls and trails, as well as the wild fauna and flora that hide there; You can ride it by bike thanks to its network of cycle paths and get away from the concrete only by looking up at its heights.


In this city you will find plans of all kinds to do in its neighborhoods, squares, churches and parks; You will taste the best local and international gastronomy, visit its market squares, taste fruits with exotic flavors and understand first-hand the world of the country's producers.


Traditions, past, modernity, culture, nature and friendly people: that is Bogotá, a city that is ready for you.


Come meet her!



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